Located in a secluded coastal historical neighborhood with numerous local and state building restrictions, the design intent was to create a seasonal beachfront residence honoring the legacy of the historical fabric of many of the other older neighboring structures. Constructed over a period of two and a half years, the structure is supported on 127 – 14″ augercast concrete pilings installed to a depth of 30′ below existing grade. The ground floor areas provide for expansive open air entertaining and storage while all living areas are located on a single elevated living floor above the required design flood elevation to state coastal building standards. The entire north wing of the floorplan is the master suite area and the entire south end is devoted to guest suites and mechanical support spaces with common living areas within the core. Predominately clad in limestone and cypress wood siding, the residence presents itself as a timeless beach house structure constructed to current standards and the latest technology including geothermal heating and cooling as well as pool heat.