Constructed over a period of two years with numerous site logistical challenges, the residence is located on a narrow barrier island with only 20% allowable building coverage and numerous coastal building restrictions. The structure orientation responds to unobstructed sweeping views along the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico. The elevated first living level consists of guest bedrooms and a ballet studio with the upper living level containing the living areas, study and master bedroom suites. Designed for an empty nester couple, the residence will eventually become their primary retirement residence. Constructed to meet the rigorous Florida Building Code, the structure is supported on 153 – 14” augercast concrete pilings installed to a depth of 35’ below existing grade and is a complete cast-in-place rigid concrete frame including all roof structures, qualifying for the highest wind mitigation credits available for a structure in a coastal building zone. The interior radial features are constructed from both cold formed steel and extensive metal stud framing to facilitate exacting continuous radius control  dimensions and finish lines. BACK TO PROJECTS